Best Reasons To Upgrade From Portable Toilets To A Toilet Trailer For Your Outdoor Event

Posted on: 14 March 2019

Planning any event to be held outdoors or in a very rustic setting must always include making arrangements to meet the comfort and hygiene needs of the people you plan to invite. For decades, the sight of a familiar molded plastic portable toilet has been a very welcoming one to any outdoor event attendee who finds themselves feeling the urgent call of nature. But for all the benefits that portable toilets have offered over the years, they also have a few limitations that must be noted, especially for those who are planning an outdoor wedding, reunion, or other large event.
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Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Septic Drain Field

Posted on: 16 January 2019

If you have a septic system, then you also have a septic drain field. This is where the system terminates, and it is very vital and necessary in order for your septic system to function properly. The drain field, however, can be quite sensitive. If you don't take good care of it, this could cause odors and problems with your entire system. Fortunately, taking proper care of the drain field isn't all that difficult, at least not if you can follow a few simple tips.
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New Bakery Owner's Tips For Proper Grease Trap Care And Maintenance

Posted on: 28 November 2018

As the proprietor of a new bakery, it is important you understand that grease traps are the best way to keep damaging grease and oils out of the municipal sewer system. Without the use of commercial grease traps, the grease and oils you wash down the drain would build up in the sewer lines and clog them up. However, before clogging, there would be a lot of grease passed along into the rest of the municipal sewer system.
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Oil Tank Removal: Important Information For Homeowners

Posted on: 20 October 2018

The last thing a homeowner expects to find in their backyard is a buried oil tank. For some homeowners, the discovery occurs because of the sudden discovery of a suspicious depression in their lawn or repeatedly noticing an oily sheen in a puddle of rainwater. For other homeowners, the discovery of an old oil tank can happen suddenly, such as during the excavation work for the installation of a pool or the foundation for an outbuilding.
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