4 Smart Tips for Making Sure Your Portable Toilets Stay Upright

Posted on: 15 December 2020

When you went portable toilets for an event, the last thing you want to happen for the toilet to tip over. A tipped over the portable toilet can leave you a big mess to deal with. Luckily it is easy to prevent portable toilets from tipping over if you set them correctly.

Smart Tip #1: Brace Against Sturdy Structures

First, use existing structures support. Place portable toilets up against the wall of a building. Placing portable toilets up against a wall or building will reduce the chance that a strong gust of wind will blow it over. Placing your portable toilets against a wall or other sturdy structure will also make it harder for a person to knock over the portable toilets during your event.

Smart Tip #2: Place Toilets Together

Second, there really is strength numbers. People are renting multiple portable toilets, play some in a row together. Placing my portable toilets together will help increase the ability of each individual toilet. Putting your portable toilets together will also make them easier for guests to find and use.

Smart Tip #3: Use Stakes

Third, if you don't have any buildings to place your portable toilets up against, consider using specially designed steaks that can keep your toilets from toppling over. These steaks are designed to fit over the skid on the side of your portable toilet. These stakes are like giant staples. These special stakes are designed to help lock the unit in place. If you have to place a portable toilet on soft ground, these stakes can increase the bathroom's stability and ensure that they don't topple over.

Smart Tip #4: Choose the Best Terrain

Finally, be smart about the terrain and replace your portable toilets on. Place your toilet on a dry surface. Don't place your portable toilets in the ground that is either wet or damp. With wet or damp ground, the portable toilet's weight can cause the ground to shift and make your toilet unstable, leading to it tumbling over.

Don't place a portable toilet on the ground where erosion is common. For example, you wouldn't want to place it on an area with sandy ground.

Often, the best terrain is a cement or asphalt slap. Make sure the slab is flat.

When renting a portable toilet, you don't want to talk a little bit. You can keep toppling over facing up against a solid structure together, using stakes if necessary, and choosing sturdy, flat, and dry terrain. For additional tips on keeping your portable toilets sturdy, talk to the company you rent them from.


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