Services To Hire If You Are Hosting A Multi-Night Star Party

Posted on: 2 August 2019

If you are an astronomy buff, then spending a few nights under the stars can be just the way to spend a summer vacation. One way to do this while meeting other amateur astronomers is to host a star party. If you have your own property in an area with a dark sky, then perfect, but otherwise you could rent a bit of land in the middle of nowhere for your event. The following are a few other services to consider to make sure everyone is comfortable while camping out under the stars.

Generator rental

While there are many telescopes that can simply be pointed at the sky and used, there are also many that require a power source to operate a tracking drive or other integrated system. Your guests may also need power in order to recharge laptops and other devices that they use in conjunction with their telescopes. You can rent a generator or a portable charging hub to provide for the energy needs of your star party. The generator should be located at a distance from the stargazing field, though, since the heat and fumes it generates can affect viewing through the telescopes.

Food truck services

Campfire cooking just doesn't work well at a star party. The light from the fires in the evening can make it hard to see the stars. Plus, all the smoke in the air from everyone trying to cook all day will affect visibility, while the residue from the smoke will coat the expensive optics on the scopes. A mobile catering service (in other words, a food truck) can ensure everyone has tasty food without the need to compromise viewing.

Event tents

Not all events at a star party take place after dark. During the daytime, it's common to have speakers, a few telescope and accessory vendors, or a swap meet going on to help entertain attendees who don't sleep all day. The clear skies you have at night can result in a hot day under the glaring sun, so rent a tent or two to house your daytime programs.

Portable showers and toilets

While camping out is common at a star party, these aren't true camping events and your guests will likely want to keep up with their normal hygiene routines. This is especially true since sweat and skin oils from the day can damage telescope optics if they come in contact. Portable toilets are a must, of course, but you should also consider hiring a portable shower trailer to ensure your guests comfort. To offset the cost, it's common practice to charge a small fee to use the shower trailer. In fact, some trailers come coin-operated, so you don't even have to worry about directly collecting payment. Contact a company like AAA Pumping Service to learn more about portable showers.

Your star party can be a success. Start small and limit the number of spots the first year. This way you can grow it slowly and ensure you never have too many people for the space and services you are able to provide.


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