Best Reasons To Upgrade From Portable Toilets To A Toilet Trailer For Your Outdoor Event

Posted on: 14 March 2019

Planning any event to be held outdoors or in a very rustic setting must always include making arrangements to meet the comfort and hygiene needs of the people you plan to invite. For decades, the sight of a familiar molded plastic portable toilet has been a very welcoming one to any outdoor event attendee who finds themselves feeling the urgent call of nature. But for all the benefits that portable toilets have offered over the years, they also have a few limitations that must be noted, especially for those who are planning an outdoor wedding, reunion, or other large event. 

Location and visible appeal issues

One of the primary drawbacks of using individual portable toilets is finding a good place to locate them where they will be convenient for guests to access without being so close that they detract from the event decorations or the view. 

If the ground at the event site is bumpy, hilly, or muddy or there are tree roots and rocks in the way, arranging a group of portable toilets in a guest-friendly setting can become very difficult. In most cases, opting to skip individual portable toilets in favor of a larger toilet trailer facility will make it easier to set up while still offering convenience for event guests and a more pleasing appearance for event planners. 

Hygiene and family comfort issues

If you have ever used a portable toilet with an infant or small child in tow, you already understand that the lack of interior space can be very discomforting. If the child requires a diaper change, the parent may be forced to attempt to hold the child on their lap while seated on the toilet. 

When event planners choose to supply a toilet trailer, instead of individual portable toilets, they are making the choice to offer parents a more comfortable, user-friendly space to care their child's needs, as well as their own. Since most toilet trailers are also equipped with sinks, water, hand soap, and paper towels, parents and all other guests, as well, are able to stay clean and comfortable even when the refreshments include messy BBQ or other sticky foods and beverages. 

To learn more about the benefits of choosing to rent a toilet trailer instead of individual portable toilets for your next large outdoor event, contact the customer service representative at a nearby toilet trailer rental service. These sanitation experts will be able to help you choose the size and design of the toilet trailers that will best fit the needs of your guests.


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