New Bakery Owner's Tips For Proper Grease Trap Care And Maintenance

Posted on: 28 November 2018

As the proprietor of a new bakery, it is important you understand that grease traps are the best way to keep damaging grease and oils out of the municipal sewer system.

Without the use of commercial grease traps, the grease and oils you wash down the drain would build up in the sewer lines and clog them up. However, before clogging, there would be a lot of grease passed along into the rest of the municipal sewer system. If none of the other bakeries and restaurants in your area used grease traps either, then soon the entire system would become clogged and very expensive repairs would be needed.

While you have many other things to think about as you are getting your bakery up and running, it is vital you spend a few minutes to educate yourself about the proper care and maintenance of its grease traps because you are likely mandated by law to do so. 

To this end, here are some tips you can use to ensure you are properly caring for and maintaining your bakery's grease traps:

Tip: Wipe Out Mixing Bowls and Don't Toss Raw Dough Down the Drains

Since the shortening and the butter you use in your baked goods are both solids at room temperature, they will collect in the grease trap. To lessen the amounts of these greases flowing down the drain, take the time to wipe out your mixing bowls with a disposable paper towel before you put them in the sink for washing. Also, make sure any extra dough goes into the trash and not down the drain.

Tip: Avoid Unnecessary Plumbing Bills by Regularly Pumping Out the Grease Trap

If too much grease gets into your bakery's sewer lines, then it will cause clogs and backups. When a plumber comes to clean out the clogs, they will need to verify how much grease has been leaking into the municipal sewer system. To do so, the plumber will use a specialized camera. While it is nice the technology is available to see inside of the pipes, you will pay a high price for this service.

Thankfully, you can avoid paying for sewer inspections by simply having your grease traps pumped out on schedule and with regular cleanings by your commercial grease trap pumping company. Grease traps that are regularly pumped and cleaned prevent the leakage of grease into the sewer system making inspections unnecessary. Talk to a company like Mountain Valley Pumping to learn more.


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