Septic Tank Smelling Odd? Tips To Diagnose The Problem

Posted on: 30 April 2018

Is there an odd odor in your yard that you feel is emanating from the septic tank? If so, you'll want to act fast before it turns into a big problem. Here is how you can diagnose a septic tank issue.

Verify It's Not Gas

Don't make the mistake of assuming that a gas leak is a septic tank issue. Natural gas has an odor to it that is similar to rotten eggs, and it's possible that you've mistaken natural gas with a damaged septic tank. It may be worth it to contact your natural gas provider and have them investigate the odor just to be safe.

Look For Visual Problems 

Once you've narrowed down the problem to your home's septic tank, start looking for visual problems. If there is grass planted above the tank, you may notice that the grass has grown more or taken on a different. This is a sign that sewage is escaping the tank and essentially fertilizing the soil above it. If there isn't anything planted above the tank, look for soil that is damp or mushy when walked on.

If you happen to have the capability to measure the levels of waste in the tank, do so. A tank that is full of waste could be overflowing and putting sewage into the ground.

Another problem that can affect the drain field is compacted soil. Have you been parking cars in the area where the drain field is located? This could be the cause of the problem. Compacted soil can result in the septic tank not properly putting waste into the drain field as intended, which can result in a smell.

Isolate the Problem

Your next step should be to attempt to isolate your problem and see if you can pinpoint where the odor is coming from. An odor located within your home can be an indication of a plumbing problem that needs to be repaired. However, an odor that comes from the septic tank itself is an indication of a potential clog near the tank. Gather as much information as possible to help speed up the septic tank repair process.

Contact a Professional

With the problem narrowed down, it is time to contact a local septic tank repair service to fix the problem. They'll be able to perform a better diagnosis than you are able to and even find problems that would be impossible for you to diagnose, such as tree roots that are interfering with the tank. They'll hopefully fix the odd odor that you are smelling for good.

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