Refuting Myths Concerning Septic Tank Care

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Problems with a septic system can quickly result in foul smelling and damaging issues for the home. Regular maintenance is vital for keeping your home's septic tank and system functioning correctly. Yet septic tank maintenance is often plagued by a prevalence of myths and misinformation that can prevent homeowners from being informed when they make maintenance decisions for their system.

Myth: All Septic Tanks Need To Be Pumped Every Few Years

Regularly pumping the septic tank is among the most important steps in protecting it from routine clogs and other problems. Yet, there is a common notion that septic tanks always need to be pumped every few years. However, the exact amount of time that is needed between these pumpings will vary based on the size of the tank as well as the number of people in your home and your family's water usage habits. To make it possible to always know when your system needs to be pumped, you can install a septic system monitoring device. These devices will sound an alarm when the tank is becoming full, which will allow you to arrange for it to be pumped before it can suffer clogs or damages.

Myth: The Entire Tank Must Be Excavated For It To Be Serviced

You might assume that the septic tank will have to be fully excavated in order for it to be serviced. For homeowners that are conscious of their landscaping, this can be a major concern. Luckily, you will not need to worry about extensive damages occurring to your yard as septic systems are equipped with an access hatch. These hatches allow for the tank to be pumped without needing to excavate much soil. In most cases, these hatches will be above the ground, but it can be possible for the hatches to become buried under a couple of inches of soil due to the changing topography of your yard.

Myth: Water Is Only Removed From The Septic Tank When It Is Pumped

Homeowners will often assume that pumping the septic tank will only involve the contractor pumping out the solid materials and water. If this is the case for you, it can be easy to be surprised when you see the contractor pumping water into the tank. This step is done to help flush any remaining materials from the septic tank. Once the water is sprayed into the tank, the contractor will pump it out of the tank, which should remove the majority of any remaining solid materials that are in the tank.

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