Tips For Avoiding Sewer Line Problems

Posted on: 3 January 2017

When a home is unfortunate enough to encounter problems with the sewer line, it can be possible for life inside the house to experience sudden and extremely disruptive problems. Protecting your house against sewer problems should be an important priority, but you may need to learn some tips to make this task easier for you to do.

Prevent Roots From Penetrating The Plumbing Pipes

Roots from the plants around your yard can be one of the more important threats to your sewer system. The water flowing through your sewer line can be attracted roots. Eventually, it can be possible for these roots to work their way through joints in the pipe. Once inside the pipe, the roots can completely stop the flow of water, and traditional clog removal techniques will not correct this problem. When your sewer line experiences this issue, you will need to have the soil around it excavated so the roots can be cut back.

Preventing roots from damaging your plumbing system can be done with the installation of a root guard. This is a thick layer of rubber or a metal screen that is placed around the sewer line. These materials are impenetrable to roots, which should keep your sewer line safe from this expensive and disruptive problem.

Install Drain Strainers Throughout Your Home

The materials that go down your drains can gradually result in accumulations in the sewer line. When this occurs, the sewer line can become clogged. Luckily, this is a fairly simple problem to minimize as you can simply place drain strainers over each drain. These devices will catch most hair and other items before they can make it down the drains. However, you will need to regularly clean these strainers as they can lose effectiveness if they become too clogged. When cleaning these strainers, you will want to remove as much of the debris as possible before rinsing the strain. You may also want to soak the strainer in vinegar to remove mineral deposits that may compromise its performance.

Have A Professional Clean Your Sewer System

Having your sewer system professionally cleaned can be an excellent way of preventing clogs and other problems from striking your home. When the sewer system is cleaned, contractors like will use a device that can be inserted through the plumbing system until it reaches the sewer line. Once in position, it can spray a powerful jet of water that will remove deposits and other materials from the sides of the sewer line.


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