Performing A Video Inspection Of Your Toilet Stack: Why Your Plumber Would Do This

Posted on: 30 November 2016

Sometimes a plumber can do all he/she can and your toilet still does not seem to be flushing properly. When that's the case, your plumber may perform a video inspection of your toilet's inner workings along the trap and down through the toilet stack. If he/she has a long enough scope, then the plumber may send the scope and video camera down into the underground sewer pipe too. Here are some reasons why your plumber would opt to do this when nothing else seems to work on your toilet.

Looking for Blockages

There may not be any obvious blockages in the toilet itself, but the scope can verify if there is anything in the toilet trap or just below that. The scope may even find some unusual blockages that have nothing to do with human waste (e.g., your son threw his Hot Wheels car in the toilet and flushed it down). While these blockages do not entirely inhibit the flow of waste and toilet paper and will allow an auger to snake by, they can still affect the water efficiency of a toilet. It can cause you to flush the toilet several times in a row trying to get the waste down past the unusual blockage.

Looking for Pipe Problems

Your toilet issues might not have anything to do with your toilet at all. The plumber may discover through the use of video inspection that there are pipe issues underneath the toilet. A build-up of lime and calcium in the water can collect on the pipes and create problems with getting solid and semi-solid waste through. Copper pipes can corrode heavily, while old lead and metal pipes can rust to the point where the internal layers of the pipes are flaking off in chunks and creating problems. Replacing these pipes will make a huge difference.

Looking for Other Types of Interference

If none of the above is noted during the video inspection, the plumber may try to use the scope further down the line into the city sewer pipes. Shrub and tree roots are major culprits for plumbing problems. Removal of these roots and replacement of the pipes into which they had grown and choked off is essential to restoring your toilet's full efficiency and functionality. If there is a problem with the city sewer line, then the video taken by your plumber can be used to get the city to fix the problem.

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