Signs That Indicate Your Septic May Be Due For A Pumping

Posted on: 15 November 2016

As a new homeowner, there are several tasks you will need to undertake to ensure systems that give you modern conveniences are kept in good working order. The septic system is one of the systems you will want to maintain so you do not find yourself in a situation where you are unable to flush the toilet or use a sink without causing damage to your property. Knowing when a septic tank is in need of a pumping will reduce the chance of downtime. Here are a few signs that will alert you that it is time to call a septic system service to remove waste from your tank.

Water Pooling On Your Property

If you notice puddles on your property that do not disappear after a day of clear weather, there is a chance your septic is in dire need of a clean out. When a septic tank fills to capacity, anything you flush down toilets or drains in the home will end up on your lawn. If there has been no precipitation and puddles are present on your property, call a septic service immediately.

Lush Lawn On And Around Your Tank

If your grass is greener around your septic tank, it can very well be because your collection bin is full. When moisture leaks out of a tank due to excessive matter inside, the grass in this area will tend to be a bit healthier looking than the remainder of your lawn. This will be easy to notice if dry conditions are present in your area as the green, lush grass around your septic will stand out.

Odors And Backups In And Around Your Home

If your septic needs to be pumped, you may notice a foul odor around the area of your tank. If waste is close to the top or overflowing out of the tank, the scent of the contents will be hard to miss. In the home, a backup condition is a clear indication that a pumping is needed right away. When you use your water to flush a toilet, wash a load of laundry, or run a sink, water may show up inside a sink, tub, or toilet on your lowest level. This water will be a murky, dark color. It may drain slowly after your septic pump has a chance to move some of the contents of the tank to your leach field. Call a septic service at the first signs of odor or visible backup water.

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